Snow Cabin Key Escape Game

Snow Cabin Key Escape

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It's very snowy in the mountainous area here but for Brent who lives in the area too, his life is kind of a bit in-danger at the moment, for after he arrived from the town from below the mountains, he realized that the keys to his doors which he had kept in a specific area just got covered in a thick snow and he couldn't find it anymore! The cold is already biting and if he doesn't find those keys somewhere, the temperature might get him first and the worst thing about it is the nearest infirmary is in that town where he came from and it is quite a ways away.

Escape players, Brent needs help here before he succumbs to the freezing temperatures and he thinks his winter-coats won't last long. Will you help him find his keys somewhere under the snow as quickly as possible before the temperature plummets even further. Join in the challenge here and see if your skills as well as your logic be enough to find those missing keys. Place yourself on the situation of Brent and go!

Give this escape challenge a try everyone. Snow Cabin Key Escape is another new point and click item retrieval escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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