Sneakys World Tour - Jamaica Game

Sneakys World Tour - Jamaica

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Jamaica is your favorite place on Earth. This is a perfect vacation spot because of its beautiful beaches. Aside from that, not many people go here all at once. So, you can peacefully enjoy the beach and the view. You also love the festive feeling on the beach and the reggae vibes of it. But even after so many times that you've been here, you still can't memorize the place. You thought that you don't need a tour guide this time but you are wrong. You still need the locals to tour you around because now, you can't find the way out. Looks like staying in a secluded beach is not a good idea especially if you are alone because no one can help you out. Therefore, you have to use your own logic to find a way to escape from this place.

You can't understand Jamaican language so you have to use your logic to get away solve all the puzzles. You are lucky that there are items and clues around the place that can help you with this one. Sneakys World Tour - Jamaica is another point and click outdoor escape game from Melting-Mindz and Selfdefiant. Good luck and have fun!

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