Sneaky's World Tour - China Game

Sneaky's World Tour - China

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Sneaky's adventures were your adventures too. You couldn't remember a time when he was on a mission and you were somewhere else. Well, actually, you were mostly somewhere else as Sneaky liked doing things on his own. However, you never stayed too far. You were always just a few steps away from him. You could even hear his little mumbling when he was stuck. And those were your cues to come to his aid. He never wanted to admit that he needed your help. But it never bothered you anyway. You enjoy being with him and visiting various places that you wouldn't be able to reach so easily. The place you visited posted such a great challenge. You couldn't read anything although you could speak a little of the language. But what you feared was using the wrong intonation and unintentionally speak something inappropriate.

So even if you would want to communicate, you ended up just being silent. You could see Sneaky from a distance having a hard time as well. Then you slowly saw that he was struggling with something else. You immediately went over to him and instantly understood his need to complete the treasures he was talking about earlier. The Chinese's mystic treasures still existed and Sneaky was out to complete them. Play Sneaky's World Tour - China hidden objects by Melting-Mindz.

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