Snake World (Nsr Games) Game

Snake World (Nsr Games)

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You were busy browsing through the weirdest worlds children thought of. But out of all those bizarre names they could think of, Snake World seemed too ordinary. You've even heard of Snake Island where snakes literally own the place. Only scientists can go there. So the chances of people exploring it was way far off. Still you could search the internet if you wanted some information and pictures of it. You looked at the description of the child on his made up world. It was so ordinary as well that you asked the in-charge of the kids. She said that the uniqueness of the place can only be experienced. You raised your brow at her and went back to your seat still holding the page open. Then you heard a loud thunder and heavy rain poured. But when you looked out the window, the sun was appearing.

You stood up and went closer to the window to check what was happening. But as you stood up, you lost your balance and you fell face down on the floor. When you looked up, you were lying on the grass and there were strangers around you. The place looked very familiar. And that was when you realized you were inside the Snake World. Play Snake World (Nsr Games) outdoor escape game by NSR Games.

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