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Smiling Girl Escape

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Kimberly misses her best-friend especially her smile that's giving her some mysterious calmness. She also spends a lot of time with her and that's why she is already a normal guest there whenever she visits. And so that day, Kimberly decided to go there so she can spend time with her and do things that they normally do when she comes. But as she arrived however, she realized that the front-door seems to be open, so she entered to find her friend in her home which she normally does, but the only thing she got was her name being called in one of the rooms.

At first Kimberly got pretty scared for this seems like a scene from a horror movie or something, but she kept an open mind though and continued to listen, the voice was actually coming from her friend and she is trapped in the house! Kimberly had no idea what's going-on and she really felt like she was missing something, but then instinct kicked-in and that's why she snapped out of it and tried her best to get her friend out of there. Escape players, Kimberly still wants to see the smile of her friend, will you be able to help her on this rescue by solving what obstacles are currently stopping here there?

Smiling Girl Escape is a brand new point and click house rescue escape game released by 8b Games.

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