Smiley Kidney Escape

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Hundreds of years ago, a great magician died. But before that he attempted to give himself immortality through his spells, unfortunately it didn’t go as planned and what happened was rather morbid. The magician’s body parts became alive and they formed into different individuals! They all split-up for they couldn’t agree with each other and for centuries, the people in the country here have little ugly monsters running around and most of them are oblivious.

Recently though, there have been sightings of a little red thing running around the town and it looked like a kidney! Those are just rumors though until, one of the townsfolk actually found it and it was trapped inside a house there! The one who found it was Dennis and the little thing was weirdly smiling. Dennis was young and therefore was not too confused and frightened as to what he was seeing. Dennis observed this thing and he thought it might have gotten trapped because it was mischievous. So okay then, he’ll free it just to see how it will react. Escape players, Dennis is about to free something he doesn’t understand here, will you help him then so he can safely do it?

Smiley Kidney Escape is a brand new point-and-click rescue escape game from Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Smiley Kidney Escape

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