Smart Little Girl Escape Game

Smart Little Girl Escape

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Your co-workers always emphasize how smart you are to almost everyone they meet. Yes you gathered some awards when you were still in school. And yes you do know the answers to most questions thrown at you. But there are also some things you don't know. There are some things that you don't read about since you're simply not interested in them. And to claim that you very smart is somehow a source of for you. When this situation happens, you always end up just smiling awkwardly. Although in your mind you're constructing all these statements to throw at people. But you just don't want to prove anything to anyone. You didn't know that while you're talking with your co-workers' friends, a smart little girl is also listening. You smiled at her earlier but she just looked blankly at you. Then you decided not to bother her.

However, she can't sit still and listen to grown ups talk about how smart they are. So she stands from her seat and heads over to your group. You smile to her once more but instead of receiving a smile back, she challenges you. You find the little girl super cute that you immediately agreed without even knowing what the challenge is. Play Smart Little Girl Escape room escape game by 8b Games.

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  1. Date: August 28, 2018
    Author: falloutboy x twentyonepilots :D
    if she's so smart why didn't she escape herself?? XD

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