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Smart Guy Escape

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Some parts of the kingdom is night, others are raining, and on the other side is daytime, that is how huge the kingdom is but even then the villages it governs are scattered across the land. Each village has their own specialty and that day, the king calls for a certain family who has genetic traits of become great strategists and probably even greatest in all of the Earth! Every generation, that family must send one of theirs whom has inherited that strategist trait to the kingdom to offer his or her services by giving ideas, battle plans, and other things that requires in-depth thinking. In return, that strategist will live a high-ranking life including the entire village where he or she belongs, that's also a thank you too for centuries of service to the kingdom.

That day it was time and as a person who was sent by the king, Dominic must travel to that village to fetch the next-in-line strategist for the current which was a part of that family had retired for he is old. Dominic came after a long journey, but when he arrive however, he thought he was just going to fetch a person, but it had all come down to a rescue however. Dominic heard that the next in line got trapped in one of the houses there! He might have hesitated to go and when he panicked, he got trapped. The other folks had been trying to get him out but because they couldn't, Dominic decided to help for it is his duty to help everyone who needs it especially in this kingdom. Escape players, want to help as well on this save and see if you can get that boy out safely?

Smart Guy Escape is a brand new point and click house rescue escape game from Avm Games.

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