Small Town Villa Escape Game

Small Town Villa Escape

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Camille was warned that even though the house is luxurious and beautifully made, there are stories surfacing from previous owners that the house is somehow haunted! But she seems to have not heard that thanks to her excitement of getting a new place and it's a luxurious one too, well who wouldn't? But there are consequences to that unfortunately and just under a week of her stay, Camille felt the haunting and it was kind of like a poltergeist, that's because instead of showing itself it tended to touch things and exactly on that 1 week mark, Camille had realized that the doors have been mysteriously locked on her!

Camille just found-out that her doors could not be opened and she instantly thought it was the ghosts of the place, she needs to escape right-now for this has the potential to get worst because this is the most active in all the haunting that it did. Escape players, Camille needs to escape from her house even for just a moment so she can feel safe, want to join in and see if you can get her out and have a challenging escape yourself?

Small Town Villa Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Ekey Games.

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