Small Porcupine Escape Game

Small Porcupine Escape

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Come and try this prickly animal rescue here with us. Small Porcupine Escape is another new point and click rescue escape game made by Games 2 Jolly. Good luck!

The ruins in the mountains is rumored to have monsters living there and not one person who went to that place ever came back to tell the tale, well obviously everyone had learned their lesson about that, but one day however, Sean was forced to enter that area for his pet porcupine just made a hole under its cage and it broke-free! Sadly, it's tracks which Sean followed in-order to catch-up to the animal is pointing to the direction of the ruins and slowly by slowly, he is also making his way there.

Sean is really risking his life here, but he had been through a lot before just to keep his porcupine safe and alive, so he is not about to give-up on it just yet. Upon entering the area, Sean immediately felt the negative energy and the smell of rot, the porcupine's tracks are still there and he is still hot on the trail until, it led to a locked-door inside a ruins. That porcupine of his might be in there, this is going to be a challenging rescue for not only he needs to stay low and quiet, an obstacle is right in-front of him and it's separating him from his pet. Escape players, care to join Sean here as he rescue his pet porcupine? Go ahead then and be very careful, for this is forbidden land Sean is in at the moment. Enjoy!



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