Small Modern Cabin House Game

Small Modern Cabin House

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The mountains is filled with old cabins before, but now all of them have been renovated and they all look luxurious now! The area the structures occupies did not increase though, instead it goes up on itself so that not much of the ground will be taken by the man-made structures. One of the persons who was interested and got a house there was Jeff and he now lives there peacefully, he even jogs every morning in the area which is good for his health in a lot of aspects. Everything was good, but unfortunately one day as he went on a journey around the area, he got caught into a problem for he roamed around in the area which he hadn't been to! Now he needs help.

Jeff was about to ask help from the residents there which were his neighbors but unfortunately, he is in an area where houses are still unoccupied yet! Jeff is really on his own here, but not really though for you are there escape players. Will you help Jeff here and along the way test your skills along the way as well? Look for clues which can guide you back and do so before night comes, for it's dangerous there due to some of the paths which are not even and those can get you off balance.

Small Modern Cabin House is another new point and click outdoor escape game made by Fun Escape Games.

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