Small Lynxi Escape

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Thea would like you to meet her daughter whom she named Lynxi, looks like you know where that came from for she is an animal lover. You have not reunited with Thea for years actually for you both lived in a different country at one time, but now that she is home and is living for good there she’d like you to come visit her, and so that day you did.

At first you were having a hard-time trying to locate the house for it’s in a neighborhood you are not exactly familiar with. Eventually you found it and you were welcomed by your friend with open arms. But at the moment Thea seems to be having a problem so you asked her what’s going-on, you didn’t have time to finish your sentence when Thea went straight to this door and tried to open it violently! Her daughter was actually trapped behind it and she had been trying to get her kid out! You assumed it was Lynxi who was trapped in the room there, so okay you are going to help here for a kid is involved and her welfare is important. Escape players, you are now Thea’s friend here and her daughter Lynxi needs help. Will you be able to help in solving this problem so that the kid can safely be freed?

Small Lynxi Escape is another new point and click indoor rescue escape game made by 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Small Lynxi Escape

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