Small Duck Escape

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Greg have already set this new cage of his for his new bird which he will be purchasing. This new bird he will be getting is one that is rare in the land. They are dwindling in numbers and that’s why Greg decided to get one so he can do a breeding project there and increase their population in this wilderness. Greg was now ready, but as he was about to leave however he saw that something was already in his cage and he was definitely then showered with questions.

Greg saw that there was a duck in his cage and the thing was now even locked! Greg then really tried to remember if he did this himself, he just can’t recall. But who would put this duck here in his cage and then engage the lock that’s on it? Did this duck do it? That’s ridiculous and Greg was really thinking that this could be an illusion. Well unfortunately for him it wasn’t and there was really a duck there. Well what else can Greg do? He’ll just have to free the duck there and then be on his way like nothing happened. Will you help Greg here though escape players? For he must retrieve his key back in his house so he can unlock the cage then.

Small Duck Escape is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 2 Live.

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Walkthrough video for Small Duck Escape

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