Slick House Escape Game

Slick House Escape

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Dina loves her animal dollhouse for it's the kind of thing that she wanted for a long time. Dina played with it for weeks from miniature tea party to playhouse thing and it never gets old for her. But one day however as she was enjoying her dollhouse, she noticed something near it and when she checked it out, a weird thing happened and it was so sudden that she didn't expect that at all!

Dina was suddenly shrunk down to the side of her toys in the dollhouse and after that, the dollhouse slammed shut! Dina was frozen right then and there for fear, confusion, and being dumbfounded. How did this ever happened to her? This is clearly magic and because she is still young, such a happening fortunately did not overwhelm her. Still, Dina needs to at least get herself out of the dollhouse for she doesn't have a clue what happened to her at least for now, if this is magical then she needs to find who cast it and ask why was something like this done to her? Escape players, Dina felt very weird that she is going to escape from her dollhouse now which was suppose to be smaller than her, now she is inside it! Will you help Dina here escape at least so she can figure-out what happened to her then?

Slick House Escape is a brand new point and click escape game from 8B Games and Games 2 Mad.

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