Sleepy Owl Escape

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There is this one very expressive owl for it gives emotions very clear enough that humans can understand it! Maybe it is a mutant bird or something? They just leave it alone though for the townsfolk have a high regard on nature. That day as the major expression of the owl which was sleepy, it is once again doing that and Marco who sees the creature every time every day, he expected it to be joyous for it sometimes does that, but now unfortunately it seems lethargic.

Marco expected to see this bird happy that day for it is a bright and shiny one, but little did he know the bird’s sleepiness expression is going to be more of a disadvantage to it than to him that day. The owl was unstable in flight and as a result, it swooped directly to a trap and it closed the moment it entered it! Now it is trapped in there and of course it couldn’t get itself out. Marco fortunately witnessed all of this so he can help the owl immediately, but he can’t say so if he is able to open that cage with ease for it isn’t even his trap. Escape players, will you help Marco here so that the owl can get out and be with its usual sleepy routine?

Sleepy Owl Escape is a new animal rescue escape game developed by Games 4 King.