Sleepy Head Friend Rescue Game

Sleepy Head Friend Rescue
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School is finally over. All you did the past few hours was stare at the clock until it struck four in the afternoon. However, your business at school is not over. You and your friend still have band practice. You both chose to join a music club because of your passion in the field of music. Your choice of instrument is the piano while your friend chose the violin. Both of you chose these instruments because they complement each other well.

Sleepy Head Friend Rescue is a fun and quirky point and click escape game created by Genie Fun Games. In this escape game, your friend dozed off inside the school premises and is now locked in. It is now up to you to rescue her because she is your best friend.

As to why she got trapped, the reason is actually pretty simple. Last night, she was up all night practicing her music sheets. She grew frustrated as she cannot perform a specific part perfectly. Even though it is already past her bed time, she could not sleep a wink. She decided to be productive and practiced until the wee hours of the morning. Miraculously, she still managed to get to school. The cost however, is she was extremely sleepy. In fact, she slept all through her lectures and eventually band practice.

Band practice is now over and you wonder where your friend is. You thought maybe she was busy and decided against calling her. When you got home, her parents told you that she is still in school sleeping. You must point and click through various puzzles and use your wits to figure out a way to help her escape!

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