Skull House Crown Escape Game

Skull House Crown Escape

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As an archaeologist, you always get to see precious things dug up from the ground. While most people see these things inside the museum, you always have the first look at it. But your work isn't all instant discovery. Most of the time, you need to dig deeper to find something. And not only that, you also have to be careful. Some of the items can easily break because of their age. Now, you're facing a skull house. This is one of the most weird places you're assigned to. You mostly visit some temples from long ago which are the most common. But this one is a bit out of the ordinary. Still you can't really say no to your assignments. So you research about the place and the precious things that you might dig up. Then you read something about a crown.

Crowns are usually the symbol of a monarchy. And all the while you're thinking you'll be digging up some strange stuffs by some stranger people. Yet it seems like there's more to this place than the skull house. You can't wait to discover more about this place and so you start your search. Play Skull House Crown Escape outdoor escape game by Sivi Games.

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