Skull Forest

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You are walking in the forest when you heard something from behind. You turned around and what you saw is unexplainable. It was an unknown species. You are not even sure if it’s an animal, human or an alien. You have never seen this kind of creature before. Nevertheless, it looks quite scary. It’s so scary that it made you run through the forest. The forest is so smelly, dark and rough which caused for you to tumble and fall. The scene became scarier when you saw a skull lying on the ground. You stood up and you saw tons of other skulls on the ground. Looks like that scary species is not friendly at all. You have to escape from the Skull Forest as soon as possible. Who knows what that scary creature can do to you.

You have to be brave and gather the skulls even though they are really scary because these skulls contain clues on how to escape from the forest. The beast will come in just a few moments so you have to escape now. Skull Forest is a brand new point and click outdoor escape game from Mirchigames that will test your logic. Best of luck!