Skull Cave Treasure Hunt

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You have a pet cat. Its fur is jet black and it is also mischievous. Most of the time though it just lazily sleeps on your favorite couch. It only wakes up when it feels hungry and constantly bothers you. To others, this is annoying but you find it adorable because you love your cat. One day, you notice your cat is getting antsy, pacing back and forth constantly in your house. You decide to open the door and it bolts outside.

Skull Cave Treasure Hunt is a fun and challenging point and click escape game from Games 2 Rule. In this escape game, you find yourself inside a spooky and mysterious skull cave. You are here because this is where you last saw your cat disappear into. You are now tasked of rescuing your beloved cat. To do so, you must point and click the various objects found throughout the skull cave. Use the clues you find inside and solve the puzzles in the hopes of finding your cat.

Will you be able to rescue your cat? Or will you also find yourself lost inside the skull cave? There must be a reason why your cat is in here. Perhaps treasure? Or some cat food? Find out and good luck!