Skull Castle Escape

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The skull castle is a medieval structure which was almost lost to time, but every so often it gets rediscovered and then people tend to leave it for they thought there were no prospects in the place, rumor even has it that it only gives curses to people who go there, but from then people returns and leaves, it’s just a cycle. Jone however wasn’t convinced that there are no prospects in that castle, nor even curses, for he knows people who have been there and live up to an old age and was healthy. But they wouldn’t share what they found in that place though nor they want to talk about it.

That’s why one day, Jone decided to venture there so he can uncover for himself what is being kept in the place and just whatever. Jone needs to know for his curiosity is killing him and for all he knows, he might be the first person to find the actually hidden prospects there. Escape players, that is one reckless attempt but it’s a thrilling adventure to the unknown! Will you join Jone here and see what you can find behind the place’s locked doors?

Skull Castle Escape is another new point and click old complex escape game made by 365 Escape.

Walkthrough video for Skull Castle Escape


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