Skeleton Cemetery Land Escape Game

Skeleton Cemetery Land Escape

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The town's cemetery is among the oldest in the land, it has its fair-share of horror stories but in most days it is just as innocent and quiet, actually it's pretty peaceful in there and it's a perfect place if people want to be alone or to clear thoughts or something. That day however, Randall was not at all in the place just to clear his mind, or collect horror stories about the place, but in-fact he was visiting a dead relative and he had spare time right after, so he went to the graves he haven't explored before and as an unexpected result, he got lost in there!

Randall tried his best to try and return to familiar grounds, but he only found-out that this isn't going to be easy. Randall definitely needs help here now for the cemetery is not small, which means there is still more places to get lost in there. Escape players, Randall is going to need some help now, will you give him a hand here so he won't be trying to find his way there until sundown?

Skeleton Cemetery Land Escape is the newest point and click old graveyard escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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