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Simply Rescue

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You're a newly hired employee in the building where your friend works. At first you didn't know he's also working there. The last time you heard about him, he was in another country. His father is working there and it seems like he'll have better opportunities there. So he left. But you weren't able to say goodbye to him. The moment you transferred school, your communication was cut off. You became very awkward towards him and he must've felt it as well. And then your friendship just thinned out like that. You didn’t try to keep it alive either. You want things to go naturally without being forced. Years passed and you stopped thinking about him. Then an offer came to work in this building. You immediately accepted it. You’re working here for a few weeks already.

But you only knew about your friend last week. You still don’t want to see him for reasons you don’t know. He’s walking towards your direction and you’re trying your best to avoid him. You accidentally pushed one of your officemate into the elevator he was about to get on. Just then you hear some scratching noises and your office mate can’t get out. Play Simple Rescue outdoor escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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