Simple Toon House Escape Game

Simple Toon House Escape

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The company had created some new tech where people who would want to try it will be transported into a cartoon place which for now was just a simple house and they will try to escape from such a place as quickly possible before the time ends. For now the purpose of what they had created is for game only, but they thought soon it will also be inquired by the government especially by the army. Well for now its only purpose is docile. That day, the first one who will try it was Jack and as a personnel in the company who created the new virtual reality, he needs to take one for the team!

Jack is now in a house which looks cartoon-y and he needs to make use of the objects there so he can escape. This is no trial anymore, for a lot of that have already been done and this time it's very real, if he is not able to escape through the doors of the house then he'll be trapped in the place! Escape players, you are now on the shoes of Jack here and he will be trying to escape the room which has some difficult challenges which he needs to tackle. Ready yourselves and bring-out the best of your logic.

Simple Toon House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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