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Simple House

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Looking around the small and simple home you're currently renting makes you feel comfortable. While other people prefer larger houses, a smaller house is something you find so appealing. Other than you only come home to a cat and a dog, it's easier to clean and to maintain. Your utility bill is smaller, too. There's just one thing that irks you a bit: the door. For some unknown reason, it jams on its own, making it hard to open. But because you see no other alternative, you're staying at this house anyway.

One day, a call came through and it's about the job interview that you've been waiting for in a while. You're relieved to hear from the company's HR department. After ten applications to different companies, this is the only one that got back to you. The day of the interview came and you're preparing yourself. You're wearing your best suit while rehearsing a few possible answers to the possible questions. Half an hour to the time of the interview, the door jams on you again. You suddenly felt like the world is against you but you're not about to give up!

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