Significant House Escape Game

Significant House Escape

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The house Harry is in is very significant to his family, well at least once for they grew-up there and Harry remembered the time when he was a kid running around the place. Now it is slowly getting empty for everybody is moving-out now and his parents are even moving to their new home at the coast. Harry is emptying the place of its last items and after an hour, he was ready to leave. But there was an issue though during that for when Harry was about to leave the place, he could no longer escape from one of the rooms there!

Harry have no idea what happened, but it's clear that he cannot get himself out of the house. Is there an issue here which his parents haven't told him about? Probably, but he won't be staying there though and he'll try to escape from there with whatever he's got and of course without damaging the doors for it is a shame that the movers will move into their new home with a broken door. Escape players, there are still some items left in the house which you can use to escape, will you place yourself on the shoes of Harry and see if you can make it out of there without much hustle?

Significant House Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Genie Fun Games.

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