Siberian Village Game

Siberian Village

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The weather is so cold. Thankfully, you close into a Siberian Village. Because of this, you thought of going in to ask for a cup of tea. However, there are no people in this village. You can't even see one Siberian husky in this place. Nobody answers to your knocks so you planned to leave the village instead. The problem is, you can't find the way out of this village. Since there is nobody in here, you have to find your own way out. Thankfully, there are clues and hints around the place that can help you to escape. However, there are some puzzles that you will encounter along the way and you have to solve all of those to escape completely.

Because of that, you have to move around and look for clues that can help you out. There are also items that you can see and you can use those for your escape plan. You just have to use your logic to you want to escape from the Siberian Village quickly. Plat this brand new outdoor escape game by First Escape Games and solve all the puzzles to escape from the Siberian Village. Good luck and have fun!

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