Short Faced Bear Escape

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Mark knew it that there is a short faced bear in this forest, that’s why he set-up a small house there and a giant cage near it so he can capture the creature. Bears aren’t too hard to lure and capture really, but this one was extra hard however and might not even happen at all, for Mark was trying to capture a species of bear which had gone extinct 11,000 years ago! But because of luck and the ton of data he gathered about the supposedly extinct beast is still roaming around this place, he managed to capture one!

Mark almost broke-down when he saw the creature, it was nothing like he had ever seen before. It was obviously different and he would like to tame it maybe, for this is really a surreal happening. And so Mark recorded everything about the creature which he can see and its behavior and tried to befriend it as well. The creature was mysteriously calm and seem to be trusting of him. Okay, maybe it’s time to free it from the cage here and see how it will act. But there was a problem with that though, for Mark had kept the cage open for too long that he doesn’t even remember where the keys to it now! Escape players, Mark here has a find of the century inside his cage here, but he needs help though for he can’t even get the bear out. Will you be able to help him there so he can observe what it’ll do next?

Short Faced Bear Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Short Faced Bear Escape

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