Ship Of Desert Thirsty Escape

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Ship Of Desert Thirsty Escape is an exciting point and click escape game created by Games 2 Rule.

You are the fastest messenger in all the land. So fast in fact that your peers refer to you as “Hermes” – the messenger of the gods. You are able to deliver any message to and from any point in the world. For your next job, you will have to deliver a message to a royal prince in a certain desert kingdom.

A princess from a neighboring kingdom made a specifically asked for you to deliver her message to the prince. You have earned such a reputation that your clients are very important people. As such, you are not just an ordinary courier.

This is your biggest and most important job yet. You cannot afford to fail on this mission because just this one failure would inevitably revoke your status as the best there is. Knowing this, you pack all the necessary supplies and ration, ready your trusty camel, have a big feast for the journey tomorrow, and retire yourself to bed.

The day of your journey has come and it is time to depart. Hours have passed since you trekked through the rough desert and your camel is tired and thirsty. You find that you brought enough water just for yourself. You cannot afford to share lest you let yourself die of thirst.

This cannot stand and you need to find some water for your camel. Point and click your way through numerous challenging puzzles scattered throughout the dessert and quench your camel’s thirst. Find a way to escape the desert in this game and accomplish your mission. Good luck!