Shiny House Escape Game

Shiny House Escape

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Shiny House Escape is a game in which you work as a cleaning lady. Fortunately you have a good reputation and work in a neighborhood where only rich people live. Most of them are all day gone to the office, so you have those big house only for yourself. There is one house which is your favorite. It is big, but it is very nicely decorated. The owner of that house travels a lot and most of the times the house is empty so you don't have much work to do. This week it was time to clean that house, while the owner was again in a business travel. After you made the whole house shiny, you wanted to get home. But somehow the security system locked all the doors and windows trapping you inside. Figure out a way to escape. Good luck!



  1. Date: March 15, 2015
    Author: dewed
    lol that was clever

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