Sheriff House Rescue Game

Sheriff House Rescue

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You know your friend can be a daredevil but you weren't expecting him to enter the sheriff house. You had known each other since you were in primary school days. He was always in the clinic for having some cuts and bruises. His idea of excitement at school would be to climb the walls. Or be pushed too high on the swing. He would cry every time he would have cuts and bruises. But it didn't stop him from trying things out again when he was better. He would always invite you to do it with him. However, you were very firm in what you wanted. So he would sometimes do it alone or not do it at all. You thought he would change as you grew older. But it seemed like he found riskier things to do.

You were sitting at a cafe waiting for your other friends to arrive. You were going to plan for your getaway when your friend said he'd enter the sheriff's house out of nowhere. He could make up jokes but not about the things he was planning to do. You dared him even more as your way of discouraging him. However, it made him want to do it more. A few minutes later, you received his call asking for rescue. Play Sheriff House Rescue room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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