Shepherd Puppy Escape

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Brady and his young shepherd dog is out in the forest that day for they were looking for truffles around the place, hopefully they can find a big one and that will definitely benefit him and his land greatly. Brady’s dog is very active despite doing a lot of work with the sheep earlier, but well the forest kind of gives him some energy also and for him really it’s fun. Brady was spotting from a distance for a good spot for truffles, but as he raises his head however he saw something different, it seems to be an old house, actually an ancient house or something!

Brady saw a house with ancient Egyptian statues outside of it and the place seems to be sealed with something. Okay, how come he never saw this as he ventures around the area here? It could be some prop or something, for he couldn’t believe there was an Egyptian structure here despite of the country being hundreds of miles away, this structure might be fake or something. As Brady checks the place, something happened and to him it’s absolutely worst! Brady’s shepherd dog suddenly snapped and just went straight into the structure! He went through a very small hole one that Brady cannot fit in and no matter how he called, the animal wouldn’t return. This is definitely a situation now, okay then he needs to fix this before this gets worst. Escape players, Brady is going to go inside the strange structure just to get his dog out of there, he doesn’t want to do it but well it seems to be he doesn’t have much of a choice. Will you be able to help him here by first unlocking the place?

Shepherd Puppy Escape is the newest escape game from Games 2 Jolly. Have fun!

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Walkthrough video for Shepherd Puppy Escape

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