Sewerage Escape

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Your job is not easy. You have to go underground and through every sewerage in the city and clean that one by one. This job might be hard but it’s decent. So even though it might get a little dirty sometimes, you still do it for your family. This job gives you a high income so you never turn down any sewerage. But this job is not just dirty, it’s also dangerous. Not only because of bacterias that you can acquire but also because of the accidents. You were cleaning one sewerage at the chemical factory when they accidentally spilled a drum of chemical while you were in there. This chemical is toxic and could be very bad for your health so you have to escape from there quickly.

But the problem is, it’s too dark and you are not quite sure about the way out. You have to roam around and find clues that can lead you to the exit. There might be clues on pipes or on the walls. Just go with the flow of the waste water and use your logic to escape. Sewerage Escape is the brand new point and click room escape game from WoW Escape. Best of luck!