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Set Free

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You love adventures even though it is an urban setting, so to fulfill your needs that day, you entered the building which was not finished yet and construction of it was stopped even, turning it into an abandoned place sticking-out in the city. The place was big and some parts of it were already finished, you checked every single one of the rooms that are there and you realized it seems to be getting boring, that's until when you checked the next place which had random stuff in it and most numerous are some gym equipment.

There were items there and some you can even use! Maybe you'll take it? This is already trespassing what you are doing, now you were going to steal? You definitely don't want to be incarcerated if you get caught here, that's why you decided to leave now but then, if you ever can leave there. You just got trapped in an unfinished room in the building with different kinds of objects, for the doors could not be opened no more! You thought that's it, you are caught and it's only a matter of time now before somebody comes, but then you thought you are stuck inside the room with various objects, maybe some of them can help you escape! Escape players, that can be a success if you choose an item wisely, will you be able to make use of one and escape right then quickly?

Set Free is a brand new point and click room escape game released by 5n Games.

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