Sensible Girl Escape Game

Sensible Girl Escape

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You were tasked to be a buddy of a foreign exchange student. She was from a country you know very little about. She knew how to speak English at a conversational level. This made things easier for you but you just couldn't help but worry about her safety. The first time you met her, you felt like a bodyguard watching over someone important. She was nice but she was new to the place. It could get hard for her to navigate through the various places. She also had a lot of food restrictions. You couldn't offer her just any food. Yet you still tried your best to make things easier for her. There was a place that she always wanted to visit. However, her schedule was a little packed and you could't find a free time to let her explore the place.

She only had a few days left in your country before going back home. You wanted her to have some free time so you removed some unimportant meetings and paved way for her free time. She was ecstatic yet you were full of worry. You told her to always contact you every time. She agreed but she still got herself in trouble. Play Sensible Girl Escape room escape game by 8b Games.

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