Seeking Girl In Cruise

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At the moment, some of the crew in the cruise-ship here were looking for a girl, she is nowhere to be found but well, she doesn’t want to be found for she and her parents had a little problem and she took-off. She can’t really leave the ship here for it’s currently moving through the ocean and she is just somewhere. But her parents feared she might get in trouble though and that’s why her parents requested the search.

As one of the crew on the task, Eli must do this quick for not only that the kid might get into the deeper parts of the vessel here, but also he still has a lot to do. Eli just hopes she didn’t get herself through the secret passages of the place, from there it would be close to impossible to find her. Escape players, Eli needs all the help that he can get here, will you be of assistance then so that the girl can be found quicker?

Seeking Girl In Cruise is a brand new point-and-click ship escape game released by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Seeking Girl In Cruise

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21 days ago

This game is so fun maybe you guys should play it sometime