Seeking Forest House

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The forest is a place adventurers and treasure hunters would always go, for there are overwhelming stories about the place that there are treasures in there and for adventurers, strange items and magical ones too! The place actually yields something, for people who have been to the place actually did brought something with them and it’s just surreal what the others have got from the place, it could be a fabrication but what if it isn’t? That’s why the place have been called the seeking forest, for seekers goes there in search for the things they desire. That day, Christopher will be going there in search of the things he desires which is magic and strange stuff which the place is said to have vast amounts of, but little did he know he will just be escaping from there, for he quickly got lost!

At first Christopher was happy for he is starting to see stone runes around and that is a good sign, but he had been journeying around the place and still he couldn’t find anything! Plus it is going to get dark soon and he needs to get back. He thought he is under some illusions or something for he feels like he is in one. He really needs to escape now so escape players, will you help-out on this and see if you can get Christopher out of the before it gets dark?

Seeking Forest House is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from Big Escape Games.