Seeking Boyfriend In Beach Resort Game

Seeking Boyfriend In Beach Resort

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Seeking Boyfriend In Beach Resort is the newest point and click escape game from WoW Escape! Have fun then and enjoy trying to rescue someone in the beach resort.

Zen was working at the luxurious beach resort as a receptionist and for a few years in her job, things cannot always be normal and everyday is a new experience with different customers, but one day something different happened however as a woman and her boyfriend checked in the place. Zen welcomed the couple into the resort and they planned to stay for 3 days, she did so and after that, everything was slow and peaceful, but on the second day however something happened to the couple and the woman is now hysterical.

The woman came-up to Zen and she told her that her boyfriend got trapped somewhere in the resort! Zen called for help but nobody would come, that's surely weird and because of that, Zen needs to respond to this problem herself. Escape players, Zen here is going to try and rescue the guy or something for his girlfriend said he is trapped somewhere which is still a mystery for her. Care to try the rescue adventure in the luxurious beach resort and see if you can find the girl's boyfriend? Good luck then and don't abandon this rescue for the couple.


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  1. Date: July 20, 2019
    Author: dewed
    I had all the arrows pointing to the right colors but it didn't work [Reply]

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