Seek Out My Pair Game

Seek Out My Pair

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You don't usually buy jewelries since you don't always wear one. Sometimes, you wonder what's it for. However, a conversation with your friend makes you realize the importance of jewelries. She keeps on collecting more and more. She wants to use it as an heirloom for her future grandchildren. You find her idea brilliant. So you pass by a jewelry store on your way home. There are many dazzling earrings hanging on the display. You can just choose any design that you want. But since this is your first time, you want your first earring to be special. So you take your time to choose one. The salesperson notices you and comes closer. You ask her if the earrings have special meaning. She explains each and you finally have a clear choice. You buy the one with a dangling design with crystals on it.

One of the earrings has a lock design while the other has a key. The idea of trying the earrings on excites you. So the next morning, you wake up early and immediately get ready. However, when you put one of the earrings on, you can't find the other one. Play Seek Out My Pair room escape game by Eight Games.

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