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The old ruins which just recently uncovered together with its artifacts there holds more secrets than everybody thought! That's why Elliot went to the place to see what else he can find which the people there could not. Elliot began his investigation when he entered the area and he immediately noticed the beams of wooden houses which stood before but are now gone, leaving only the stone supports on the ground. There is definitely more hidden in the place here and it only needs a keen eye and a sharp intuition to get it, but Elliot must traverse the entire area though for the ground is uneven and that is making things hard.

Escape players, Elliot will try his best here in the place even though a lot of the secrets there have already been uncovered, they believe there is more but none of them can ever prove that. Will you help Elliot here uncover such a secret that this place still holds? Place yourself on his shoes then and you have to be very careful, for there might still be traps in the place that can get you.

Secret is a brand new point and click adventure escape game released by 5n Games.

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