Secret Space Station Escape Game

Secret Space Station Escape

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Warren was scheduled to be sent in orbit around Earth the next day for research stuff, but somehow he woke-up already in orbit and was alone in what seems to be a module! How did this happen? Did somebody kidnap him and force him to space while he was unconscious? Well they didn't have to do that for he was willing to go. Warren now has a lot of questions in his mind and one at the moment why was he alone for he was suppose to go with a team. Space is indeed both a scary and beautiful place, that's why he needs to be very careful in pressing things here as he radios for help.

Escape players, the module here has a lot of confusing buttons and levers, but will Warren still be able to find the right one and escape or maybe make contact from the ground first? Answers are most important here so come and join Warren on this strange situation in space, be ready for anything that might happen for this was already weird from the very start.

Secret Space Station Escape is a brand new point and click space escape game released by 365 Escape.

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