Secret Room Escape (Genie Fun Games) Game

Secret Room Escape (Genie Fun Games)

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Your parents don't really have the best relationship. There was a time when all they did was fight. They would start with the pettiest things until they would reach the things of the past. You usually would pretend that everything was still fine. The television became your best friend during that time. You hoped things would get better soon. However it didn't. So you looked for other places to hide while they fought. You were dragging your hand across the walls as you went up your room. Then you happened to feel one wood that was a little bit deeper than the others. You pushed it and another room appeared in front of you. The moment you stepped inside, it instantly sealed itself. You panicked at first. But you realized it was better than hearing your parents argue. For the past years, this was your haven.

Your parents stopped fighting eventually but you still kept on coming to this room when you just wanted to chill. You never had a problem accessing it and keeping it a secret as well. However, it must be time for you to spend more time outside as the door were starting to have problems. Play Secret Room Escape (Genie Fun Games) room escape games by Genie Fun Games.

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