Secret River Valley Escape

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You were not good directions in the first place. However, you wanted to go on an adventure by yourself. If your friends only knew, they wouldn’t have let you leave alone. But since you didn’t inform them, you got your own way. Even after arriving at your destination, you still didn’t inform them for you didn’t want them to follow you. You just made sure that you had your compass and map with you. You were not really familiar with how these things work. But you were hoping they would be of help when you couldn’t find your way anymore. You had a great time exploring the valley on your own. You can stop and go whenever you wanted. No one told you to move faster or slower and it was such a treat for you. You got a little tired. So you sat down for a while.

You were about to resume your exploration when anxiety attacked. The place immediately looked strange and you couldn’t point the way you should take. You tried using your compass and map but they just didn’t make any sense. You find yourself in a secret river that wasn’t on the map. The water relaxed you and you started making your way back to the right path. Play Secret River Valley Escape outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.