Secret Mountain Valley Escape

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Gwen went-out of her room where she was staying that day, for she got a little bored and the outside as she sees it was lush and green. Maybe she can go there for a mini adventure and just return then? And so she went and as she saw. everything was definitely good, the air was clean the environment was raw and wild. Well the area is the beginning of the valley now for the house where she was staying is located on a mountain in a highland resort. As she moved around however, guess she miscalculated this little adventure of hers, for quickly she got lost and now the more she tried in getting back to where she is suppose to be, it seems that she is getting even more lost instead!

Gwen needs to stop and think about where she is going for panic is really taking-over her. Escape players, will you help her here as well so she can return to the resort safely? Carefully then for nobody knows Gwen even went-out of the resort, any rescue that should come if she is found missing could start 24 to 48 hours later. That is a long time for someone who is out and lost in a remote wilderness.

Secret Mountain Valley Escape is a new wilderness escape game developed by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Secret Mountain Valley Escape

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