Secret Land Escape Game

Secret Land Escape

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The wilderness Vince entered is filled with boulders and rocks of different sizes, that factor was a big one in-terms of it hiding the secrets of the place. There are some series of doors there hidden amongst the giant stones and inside it is the secret of all the land! Nobody knows what's behind those, for the people who knew have kept their mouth sealed and they have passed with that secret. Still the existence of such have made it through the generations and Vince that day, will really confirm that for real!

Vince found himself after hours of trekking resting on a rock and sipping water, he began to analyze the map he has which wasn't even comprehensive, but then he noticed something. Vince seems to be in a place he was looking for! Vince analyzed the data he has and carefully, there is really nothing that's going against this, he confirmed that when he found one door and there he really found the place! Vince was extra glad his work finally had a break, but there was a problem though and he must try to get it done first. Escape players, Vince is going to need help here and because he is alone on this adventure, he is really going to. Will you help him out on this then?

Secret Land Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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