Secret Laboratory

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The mad scientist’s lab looks like a ship here now, it looks like an alien’s spaceship and no wonder this place had been kept a secret, for it seems that he has done a lot of breakthroughs there under the prying eyes of people, the place is absolutely a scientist’s dream. Well the scientist have now passed and he has given the key to Kyle who was his friend as a parting gift for him, well he failed in discovering immortality and that’s why he just gave his lab and life’s work to his trustworthy and competent friend. But before he gets it though, he was warned that the security of the place is engage, upon his presence it will get activated and will try to kill him! He needs to get passed all of that and escape through the other side of the lab, that is where the disengage lever can be found, he needs to switch that and then everything will be fine.

This is a task Kyle could not deny, for it’s a dying wish of a friend and he must fulfill it. Well he needs to get passed through what had been said by his friend and he doesn’t know if he wants to face this. Escape players, want to help Kyle here so he can at least get through the rooms of the lab? He knows this is a bad idea, but well what can he do? If he gets this done then he has a home here and an entire lab to try and figure out.

Secret Laboratory is the newest point and click complex escape game created by Hidden 247.

Walkthrough video for Secret Laboratory


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