Secret Lab Escape Game

Secret Lab Escape

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An innovative product is what you are about to release this year. But because of the strong market competition, you had to work on a secret lab. The longs days of hard work are about to pay off as you do the final test. There are chemicals that you have to use. However, some of those are not on your stocks. Therefore, you have to go out and buy those chemicals. The experiments and tests go smoothly until this happened. The door won't open and this is the puzzle that you have to solve quickly. The tests that you need to conduct have a strict time table. Because of that, you have to escape from the secret lab as soon as possible. Since this is a secret lab, you can't ask help from anyone thus this secret will be revealed.

With that, you have to use your own logic to escape. The good thing is, there are items around the place that you can use to escape. Aside from that, there are also items that you can use to solve all the puzzles around the place. Secret Lab Escape is a brand new outdoor escape game from Selfediant for Mouse City. Good luck!


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