Secret House Fun Escape Game

Secret House Fun Escape

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The huge and luxurious house in the neighborhood is rumored to be hiding something and it's inside a room in there somewhere. Some people would say that the secret is some amount of treasure and gems, others would say that it is a map leading to a secret island or something, some would even say aliens! Everything that his friends said were all interesting, that's why Robert decided to enter it and even though that's a very bad idea, he is just a kid and is very curious.

And so, Robert enters the house while of course when the residents are currently out. The inside of the house was very pretty, it gives the impression that the inhabitants are really rich. But it is on with the mission here now and that is to find that secret room and quickly too for he only has a very limited time there and if that is met with or without him finding the room, he must leave. Escape players, want to join Robert here and see what you can find as well as escape from there quickly?

Secret House Fun Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Fun Escape Games.

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