Secret Gothic Place Escape Game

Secret Gothic Place Escape

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In the early days of the country, a kingdom had once governed the land but that too didn't last because of constant local skirmishes and all-out war from other big nations, now in the present times what's left are the stone castle structures which was once owned and governed by royalty. One such castle is a big one from the Gothic era and it's now covered in forest growths, it stands in the shadow of the country and was forgotten. But one day however, Oscar discovered it while he hunts for wild game in the forest and when he saw it, he was in awe of what he had discovered!

The place was indeed very old and of course he is definitely going to enter and discover more of the place, but it was pretty dark there though and that factor alone was enough to cascade until it got him trapped in there! Oscar panicked after he saw how dark the interior was and when he turned-back, it was unfortunately too late for the giant doors suddenly slammed shut and no matter how much force he used to open it, the thing would not move. This is not good pondered Oscar, but he is determined to leave before his heart pumps faster than he can catch it. Escape players, will you help Oscar escape here from the old castle? You must move through the darkness though so you can find a way out, if you are ready for that then go and stay on the safe side, if there is one.

Secret Gothic Place Escape is a brand new point and click scary structure escape game released by Fun Escape Games.

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