Secret Garden Escape Game

Secret Garden Escape

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Not everyone knows that you love to plant. You are just a simple person and you don’t open up about your hobbies in life. You are also afraid that people might take advantage of that. There is nothing you do everyday but to plant trees and flowers. In fact, you have a secret garden and nobody knows about it. You just don’t want them to destroy your little peace of heaven. You tend to spend your time at your garden. While you were watering your plants, you realized that you are out of fertilizer. You have to go to the market and buy some. But the problem is, you can’t find the way out. Since you are the only one who knows about this place, you have to think of your own way to escape.

Looks like you have to share your little garden to the public. But for now, you have to find your way to escape. There are clues that can help you out. In addition to that, there are also items that you can use for your escape plan. Secret Garden Escape is the newest outdoor escape game by 365 Escape that will test your logic. Good luck!

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