Secret Door Escape 2 (Nsr Games) Game

Secret Door Escape 2 (Nsr Games)

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Who would've thought there were numerous secret doors in this house? The previous owner was able to open only and then they left the house. For what reasons, somehow you didn't want to know. It may just structural problems or supernatural ones. You thought it would be best to discover them by yourself than to freak out just thinking about it. So you took over the house without knowing much history. You found it to suit your taste and you enjoyed rearranging the furniture to really make it your own. While doing so, you came upon the secret room that was discovered by the previous owner. You couldn't help but be curious about it. This made you enter the room and check on the system that was working to conceal the room. While inspecting the things inside the room, you accidentally touched something that opened another room.

It scared you so much that you almost bolted out the room. But when you saw the new room, your curiosity struck again. And you just had to enter the room and explore it as well. You saw many interesting stuffs but what caught your attention most was the closing exit. Play Secret Door Escape 2 (Nsr Games) room escape game NSR Games.

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